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Hammer Curls: How To Do Them And Benefits


If there’s one thing I know, it’s that nothing makes a strong aesthetic look better than a pair of well-defined biceps. Not only will you build a better physique, a strong pair of biceps, will help with overall functional strength, and add versatility to your performance. One variation of the bicep curl that can help you build a great aesthetic and strength, is the hammer curl. We’re going to talk more about how to do hammer curls, their benefits and why this bicep curl variation can be a great addition to your training program.

What Are Hammer Curls 

Hammer curls are a bicep curl variation, that targets and isolates the outer bicep as well as the forearms. Hammer curls are traditionally and or most commonly performed with dumbbells, however you can also use the cable pulley. Hammer curls are an effective bicep curl variation and alternative.

Hammer Curl Benefits

1. Strength 

First and foremost, hammer curls will help you build more strength. Resistance training movements, performed under constant tension, with progressive overload will build more strength over time, when trained consistently. Hammer curls, like traditional bicep curls will support your strength goals.

2. Aesthetics

Adding variety to your resistance training program, with more volume, will help build more muscle mass and help in developing a well-rounded physique. Hammer curls effectively stimulate your forearms as well as the distal and medial portion of your biceps, ensuring a better physique.

3. Grip Strength

Hammer curls can benefit your grip strength, which can translate to better performance across multiple compound movements. Better grip strength will improve performance outcomes with movements, such deadlifts, pull-ups, and bench press. Hammer curls place less stress on your wrists as opposed to traditional bicep or twisting curls

How To Do Hammer Curls 

Stand with your legs straight, and knees aligned under your hips.
Grab a pair of dumbbells and start with them your sides, with palms faced toward you.
Bend at the elbow and curl the dumbbell either alternating or both at the same time.
Lift the lower distal portion of your arm towards your shoulders and curl the weight.
Hold for a one second count at the top of the movement contracting your biceps, then release and lower your arms back to starting position.

Hammer Curls: Takaway

If the goal is better body composition, better physique, and overall improved functional strength and performance, adding quality and effective exercises to your training program like the hammer curl is crucial for the best outcome. Grab a pair of dumbbells and grow a pair of biceps. 

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