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How OPEX CCP Led Me to My Most Profitable Year as a Coach


A Coach’s Story by Keith Gulliford 

Twelve years ago, I made a life-changing decision to leave my home in England and move to Chicago. With over four decades of life in England and 24 years in the printing industry, this was a leap into the unknown. My passion for helping people through exercise and nutrition was my driving force, and I was determined to find my place in the fitness industry in the United States. Little did I know that the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) would play a pivotal role in transforming my coaching career.

Adjusting to life as a coach in a bustling U.S. city gym was nothing short of humbling. Challenges loomed large on the horizon, with the task of building a sustainable coaching business while staying true to my beliefs and moral compass. To add to the complexity, I was a single parent, navigating the delicate balance between work and family life. I learned early on that building a successful coaching career takes dedication, countless hours, and an unwavering work ethic. It’s a long game, one that demands staying true to oneself, doing the right things consistently, and never stopping the quest for knowledge. I realized that I had the power to change lives through coaching, one person at a time.

Enter the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP). I’ve pursued numerous certifications throughout my career, some excellent, but many recycling the same information with a different spin. CCP, however, was a game-changer. It armed me with invaluable tools to connect deeply with my clients. I learned to pause, listen intently, and truly understand the individual in front of me. This profound shift allowed me to become more efficient in program design and lifestyle recommendations because I gained a much deeper, human understanding of my clients’ goals, fears, and aspirations.

One aspect of CCP that has left a lasting impact on my coaching practice is the “BLGs” (Basic Lifestyle Guidelines) component. This comprehensive approach to lifestyle has been the linchpin of my clients’ success, as it extends my support beyond the training sessions. My clients know that I’m with them 24/7, bolstering their motivation and belief in my commitment to their well-being.

Since graduating from CCP, my coaching practice has experienced unprecedented growth. Financially, I’ve had my best year to date, consistently averaging 130-140 training sessions per month, with a remarkable peak of 168 sessions in one month. CCP has empowered me to elevate my price point, and I now proudly serve over 30 private one-on-one clients. Additionally, I’ve been honored to become an OPEX Ambassador and recommended for a role on the Life Time Fitness Education Council.

Reflecting on my journey, I wholeheartedly believe that CCP is a worthwhile investment for anyone pursuing a career in fitness. After dedicating nearly 17 years to coaching, teaching, mentoring, and forming lasting friendships, I can confidently say that CCP filled the missing piece of the puzzle. It has made me a more confident coach with a deeper understanding of human behavior. With CCP, I possess a comprehensive knowledge base to design personalized programs and lifestyle recommendations.

In my eyes, OPEX CCP sets the gold standard for fitness education. For any coach looking to honor this career and become the best version of themselves, look no further than CCP. I’ve witnessed the transformation firsthand—from the challenges of starting afresh in a new country to the triumphs of a thriving coaching practice. CCP has been the catalyst that transformed my coaching journey from a challenge to a resounding triumph, and I’m living proof of the remarkable return on investment it offers to dedicated coaches.

If you’re wondering how the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program can help you achieve the same financial success and fulfillment that Keith has experienced, then book a free coaching strategy call with one of our education advisors. Learn more about the program HERE and book your call today.

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