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We are excited to share the news that OPEX has formed a partnership with NEXO, a leading provider of specialized insurance solutions for the fitness industry. This partnership opens up a world of opportunities and benefits for both our in-person and remote coaches.

You can find more details about our partnership here: NEXO Insurance for OPEX Coaches

Every policy is tailored to meet the unique demands of the fitness community, whether you work in-person or remotely and are a business owner or contractor coach. 

Here’s a brief overview of what this partnership entails for each segment of our coaching community:

In-Person Gym Owners:
NEXO has successfully insured over 20,000 fitness facilities across the country, and they are experts in their field. Their streamlined online process simplifies insurance purchasing, ensuring you have complete protection without the hassle.

NEXO offers contract review services at no cost, helping you optimize your insurance coverage.

You’ll benefit from specific insurance tailored to your facility’s operations.

 By leveraging the collective power of NEXO’s clients, you’ll enjoy better purchasing power.

Remote Coach Business Owners:

Just like in-person gym owners, remote businesses also need liability insurance. NEXO has a wealth of experience in this unique area.

Their online insurance purchasing process is incredibly convenient.

They offer contract analysis services at no cost to ensure your insurance aligns with your needs.

You’ll receive insurance specific to your remote business operations.

By joining forces with NEXO’s clients, you’ll enjoy enhanced purchasing power.

In-Person and Remote Contractor Coaches:

Over 12,000 fitness contractors trust NEXO Insurance and their partner, Alternative Balance. 

Their insurance products are designed to cater to your specific needs, whether you work in-person or online.

NEXO’s product is the only contractor trainer insurance in the country providing liability, accident, and property insurance in one, easy-to-use online purchase.

Visit this page to learn more and apply to find the correct plan for you. 

This partnership with NEXO is a significant step forward for OPEX and our coaching community. It reflects our commitment to providing access to specialized services that are essential to the success and peace of mind of professional fitness coaches. We encourage you to explore NEXO’s offerings and take advantage of this valuable partnership. 

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